Pro Tip: Protein + Fats for your first meal of the day!

Pro Tip! Start off your day with a protein/fiber/healthy fat rich meal!

If you want to decrease body fat, increase your energy levels, or improve health then this tip should be one at the top of the list to consider trying!

Why? Meals consisting of foods high in protein, fiber and healthy fat help you:

- Keep blood sugar levels more consistent

- Improve satiety (feeling of fullness and meal satisfaction)

- Have higher, more consistent energy levels

- Reduce likelihood of food cravings or binging

- Improve mental alertness and mood

All of these factors influence healthy body fat loss. That’s why this type of meal can be especially effective for helping achieve your fat loss goals.

Suggestion #1: COMBINE protein sources!

A common client complaint is: “But it’s too hard to get protein in the morning!” Well, it’s much easier just to combine two or more protein sources. 

Examples: Eggs/Beans, Yogurt/Eggs, Ground Beef/Beans, Protein Shake/Yogurt, Cottage Cheese/Eggs.

Suggestion #2: pack in more fiber.

My top choices are berries or beans. Avocado also is an amazing choice for fiber (and healthy fat!). Putting some sliced or raw vegetables on your plate or in an omelet can make a difference too. Even better, combine several of these things in the same meal for amazing variety!

Example: Eggs, Avocado, Beans, Sliced Tomatoes, and Raspberries on the side.

Suggestion #3: add a small amount of healthy fat you enjoy!

My top suggestion is avocado, but other ideas are: smoked salmon, natural nut butters, or even Omega 3 fish oils (like Believe Supplements delicious liquid Omega 3’s).

Please note that no strategy is “one-size-fits-all”. You may need to experiment to find what works for you. If energy or digestion is a concern, then you may consider using a Greens supplement like Believe Supplements Superfoods+Greens!

Last but not least, I find many people have a limiting mindset of “typical breakfast foods”. This is often a big wall to break down with clients. Your success may be waiting for you outside that box! Adjust the mindset, achieve the results.


Jonathan Ells

Online Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer (BSc, PTS, Pn1, FST3, DTS1)

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