Performance Fuel

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⛽️ 25g Cluster Dextrin® - Revolutionary source of carbohydrates designed to improve performance and recovery without the bloating discomfort of conventional sports drinks.
💧 Electrolytes & Coconut Water for optimal Hydration
🚀 Drastically improve athletic performances
Is this product for me?


▪️ You want to boost your stamina and endurance during workouts, practices or games
▪️ You want to feel less sluggish and tired after physical activity.
▪️ You want a fuel source that will keep you from feeling bloated and lethargic


▪️ Losing weight is a priority for you
▪️ You don't participate in physically demanding activities (e.g. intense workouts, endurance running or hockey)

How to best use it?

💪 Workouts / Sports days

▪️ It's best absorbed by the body when taken before and during exercise. You can add it to either a pre-workout drink or an intra-workout formula.
▪️ For an even more demanding workout, consider adding it to your recovery shake

🥶 On the days I don't work out?

▪️ We dont recommend using it.

Ingredients & Specs

ℹ️ 25x Servings

ℹ️ Allergens
▪️ Vegan friendly
▪️ Gluten-Free
▪️ Peanut-Free
▪️ Lactose-Free
▪️ Soy-Free
▪️ Sugar-Free
▪️ Dye-Free

ℹ️ Non-Medicinals ingredients:
Natural & Artificial flavors, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Leucine, Calcium Silicate

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Fuel your workouts with the most easily digestible carbohydrates. They’re quickly absorbed by your body and don’t create bloat or stomach issues. Performance Fuel is formulated to promote muscle gain and recovery so you can keep pushing yourself past your limits.


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